Becoming best friends with the ocean.

I've been lucky enough to have a beautiful relationship with the ocean from a very young age. It has been my therapist, my medicine, my motivation coach, my teacher.

The ocean is a massive oxygen-producing engine with its phytoplankton producing 50-85 per cent of the world’s oxygen. When we’re near the ocean, the boost to our oxygen supplies is likely to make us feel more energised. 

However, for many people, understanding the ocean has not been a part of their life, because there hasn't been an opportunity to be connected. Or possibly they have had a traumatic experience that has left them fearful. Whichever way it may have turned for you, the first

step is to connect. Standing on the water edge, feeling the water between your toes. Feel that connection and the natural caress that is gentle and inviting. Take strength in the fact that it intends no harm.

The second step is to feel the power of the connection. Walk along the water's edge. It may push you a little but see this as a positive sign that the ocean wants to connect with you by hugging your ankles. Breathe in the power and beauty of the ocean; the ocean is actually a healing vessel. So take the time to feel that power and let it ground you and embrace you.

Now the third step is to choose a spot to settle into knee depth. Feel the ocean flow around you. Don't be scared, try to breathe and visualise being one with the ocean and feel her embrace and emotional connection, listen to her sound and remember that the ocean is our healer and part of what provides physical and emotional wellbeing. And if you are afraid, that is completely fine, step back to ankle level, there is always tomorrow.

Take these steps regularly, and venture a little deeper each time, and you’ll feel calmer and more confident each time.

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