Covid 19 has been a pain in the butt.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

When Covid-19 hit, and lockdowns came into place, like many people I went into a panic with the fear of no work, no money how was I going to make it!

With this fear, I hit the ground, running into a new world "virtual world " of social media. I've always been thankful that my work was built on word of mouth and paper trails.

Covid-19 then literally became a pain in my butt! Embracing a new digital world came with long hours sitting in front of my computer, my legs started to get tired; running was not an option anymore, my back started to ache. I was suffering buzzing pain in my right glute and hamstring  down my leg. Swimming and stretching helped for a minute, but it just never went away, even in bed.

What was happening to me? I feel like I'm 80 (and just quietly my 80 year old clients seem fitter than me at present). After a few weeks of battling the pain, trying to find a solution, I finally made it to my chiropractor. He tested me, questioned me and said: "Peta, you have irritated a nerve from sitting for too long each day and created bad posture." He then followed it up with "Peta sitting is the new smoking" you have to stop sitting and preserve your curve."

Two weeks later following his advice, my legs aren't tired, my back has improved, and well my butt is ready to dance again!

Being conscious of your posture by strengthening and supporting your stabilizers and muscles, not only will it make your spine smile, it will give you the opportunity to carry your body for endless kilometres to make the longevity journey possible. 

If and when you’re ready to board the posture train.

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